Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rs.190mn NAB recover misused amount

PESHAWAR: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa accomplished to deposit Rs.190 million embezzled money in the national  chequer Voluntary Return.
The inquiry into the illegal allotment of plots in Ghazikot Township Mansehra by the officials of Mansehra Development Authority was authorized in May, 2009 on the direction of Supreme Court, says a NAB press release here on Thursday.
Consequently, NAB KPK not only conducted inquiry but also charged the perpetrators of corruption i.e. the officers of MDA and a draft reference were forwarded to NAB Headquarter Islamabad.
The illegal allottees of plots were given voluntary and plea bargain notices under Section 25(a) and (b) of NAO, 1999. The former Chairman NAB had delegated special powers to Director General, NAB KPK to settle the VR and PB cases in MDA.
All plea bargains were recommended by Director General NAB KPK on merit as the Judge Accountability Court also verified the decision of NAB authorities. This enabled NAB to recover looted money of more than Rs.150 million from the illegal allottees through BP.
In another case of state vs Haji Gul Sher, ex-senator, NAB succeeded to recover a total of Rs.40.630 million. Brief fact of the cases are that provincial government decided to acquire land for construction of Northern Portion of Ring Road to reduce traffic congestion in the main city of Peshawar.
Peshawar Development Authority (PDA) and Projects Management Unit were responsible for the project. The accused persons namely Haji Juma Sher and Haji Khatum Gul received Rs.35.693 million and Rs.32.802 million respectively in respect of land claimed to be owned by them.
The statement further said that it was reported that the then Chief Minister Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpoo, Minister Local Government Habibullah Kundi and Revenue Staff N/Teshildar Mosam Khan, Patwari Nisar, Patwari Dilawar Khan and LAC Muhammad Ayub, allegedly allowed exorbitant rates per marla to give undue benefits to influential land owners.
It was therefore, considered necessary to order an inquiry / investigation to ascertain the real facts and reference was sent to Accountability Court.
In the meanwhile, the accused applied for PB and also requested to re-assess the market value.In the light of above, the said amount was recovered through PB. The total loss made goods to the public exchequer comes to Rs.190 million.
It is also clarified the money recovered through VR and PB is directly deposited in government treasury and there is no question of manipulation as perceived in the news item which appeared in various Urdu newspapers on 31st October, 2011 where Director General NAB KPK, Brig (R) Muhammad Musaddiq Abbasi was wrongfully alleged in committing favours and acting against the orders of Supreme Court. All plea bargain cases are duly approved by the Courts before attaining the finality.


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